Fall isn't the time for delicate cooking to protect svelter waistlines. It's roasted and sugared fruits and fats. Winter is coming. But so is dessert.

Pumpkin Pancakes


I took this picture while enjoying a yummy batch of pancakes. Pumpkin Pancakes are one of our favorite foods around our house, they are fluffy and the taste is great. It was shot using my Nikon D90 with a 85mm @ f.18 1/125 ISO500. Made some minor color adjustments in photoshop.

- Carlos Garrido

Candy Corn

Canon 60D

- Mike Case

"Fall Flair"


I was making sea salt caramels this weekend and I ran out of sugar, all I had left was cinnamon sugar. To my surprise the cinnamon was a nice touch and sort of gave them a "fall flair." Taken with Nikon D5000 Lens: Nikkor 18-55mm (Kit Lens) ISO 400 f/5.3

- James Maloney-Hawkins

Apple Tart


It’s apple picking season in New England where the Fall is more colorful than the Spring. The nearby apple picking orchards have over a dozen varieties of apples to harvest right from the trees and, of course, a whole bounty of apple-inspired foods like apple cider donuts, apple butter, apple pies, crisps, cakes, and, like, this apple tart I picked up at our nearby orchard. Sony RX100M2; ISO 160; 1/30 sec; f/2.8.

- Costas Kitsos

Oysterfest Carmel Apples


I went in search of some "Fall food" to the annual Oysterfest, now in its 30th anniversary. The crowds were so dense, it was definitely a shooting challenge to get a clean shot of anything with folks all scurrying around the food area. I thought the image of all the apples lined up conveyed the theme well. The image was shot with a Panasonic DMC-ZS9 in auto mode with an ISO 100 equivalence. I fine tuned this in Paint.net, balancing out the contrast, and giving the reds a small boost to emphasize the apples, that were otherwise muted in their plastic cases.

- Jonas Demuro

Pie Deconstructed


The basics—shot with Nikon D3000 18-55 lens, 26 mm f/11 1/50 shutter speed. Shot at around 3pm near my front window to try and get that natural lighting you mentioned. I put it on a large brown bread board as browns and oranges are traditional fall colors. I call this pumpkin..pumpkin..PIE! I was at the Farmer's Market with your challenge in mind and saw the pumpkins (on sale) and, well, pie is always on my mind so why not whip one up. I mean what says fall food more than a pumpkin? From the cool burnt orange color to the warm comforting flavor mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg, it's what fall and yum are all about.

- Austin Wallace

Pumpkin Porch


My husband told me about this contest, and recommended that I make a pumpkin pie (although I think he was just trying to trick me into making him a pie for lunch). I baked it, and set it out to cool on the front porch railing of our log cabin in Northern Michigan. Photo was taken and then pie was devoured. Perfect Fall day. Summary Camera: Nikon D3100 Lens: 18-55mm ISO:400 Focal Length:55mm F-stop: f/5.6 No Flash

- Mandy McGovern

Inverted Pie


You can't go through fall without baking a pumpkin treat! These cookies are almost an inverted pumpkin pie - sweet pumpkin filling inside a sugar pie crust. I shot them in front of my Brooklyn Heights window looking out onto the changing leaves. Sony NEX-5R 24mm f/4 ISO 100

- Giuliana Provenzano

Turkey Chili


Cooler temps in Dallas, TX (70° Highs / 50° Lows - that's freezing to us) means that it's chili weather. My wife slow cooks a chili with ground turkey and several different kinds of beans as well as onions, green bell peppers and diced tomatoes for 8 hours. It's great the first day, but PHENOMENAL the next day after it all has had a chance to settle and meld together. Oh yeah, cornbread. Damnit, typing this made me hungry. 10:25AM isn't too early for chili, is it? Hell no. Not in the Lone Star State! Equipment: iPhone 5 & Instagram Filter

- Alan Burk

Blueberry Bush Thing


Found an old closed off bike trail hidden behind my neighborhood. proceeded to reopen said trail and discovered this little grape or possibly blueberry bush thing. Got super juiced, as i often do when i think i get a good shot, raced home eating shit on the way out of the aforementioned reopened gate. Shot with cannon 550d using the nifty fifty f1.8 iso 100 1/160

- Dimitri Dumont

Meat Sandwich


I thought about shooting some foodies pics with my Canon 5D Mark II but you know what? 99% of my food pics are taken with my state of the fu%king art iPhone 4 and it only seemed right to submit a photo from this technological wonder and capture of souls. I present the this delicious pull pork and hot links sandwich taken in it's natural habitat. No filters or post production on this bad boy (focal length 3.9mm, 1/24s, f2.8, ISO:80). Just HDR and some window light (and a plastic knife I used to cut this delicious treat for your cross-section viewing pleasure). Oh and the bun is toasted with butter to edge-crisp perfection. I know this is a fall competition and some may argue that BBQ is a summer thing. I say that those who share this opinion apparently have no true love for BBQ and probably bacon.

- Panade Sattayatam

Wonderful entries all around—and boy can all of you cook! For anyone who'd like to extend this salivation break, head over to flickr for the big versions.


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