16943 TV is Filled by Both Widescreen and Full Screen Video

Isn't it annoying how, on widescreen TVs, black bars appear on the sides when you watch 4:3 video? And on regular TVs, widescreen footage goes letterbox? The 16943 TV takes care of both problems.

This concept is obviously completely impractical due to the non-rectangular nature of the glass it would require, but you've got to admire the cleverness of the whole thing. If you're watching 16:9 video, it fills the entire screen horizontally, only leaving the little bottom nub black. 4:3 video fills the entire thing vertically, leaving the hanger on the side black.


It only sort of solves a problem that wasn't even much of a problem, so don't look for it to ever exist in reality, but hey! What a funny looking TV!


[FRST via MoCo Loco]


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