2-Year Agreement NOT Required for iPhone

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Yesterday we told you that AT&T would be performing credit checks with the purchase of an iPhone to warn those with bad credit. What we didn't know at the time, however, is that these credit checks weren't to penalize potential iPhone buyers with bad credit, but to draw in their business.


Because to those with BAD CREDIT, WORSE CREDIT, OR NO CREDIT AT ALL!!! AT&T was offering buyers a slightly more expensive month-by-month payment plan with no strings on cancellation. To activate the iPhone, AT&T provided these customers with a special code to enter during iTunes setup, bypassing the standard subscription selection. Such customers didn't receive any subsidizing on their expensive iPhone purchase, but as AT&T was quoted, "That's Visa's problem." OK, that quote may be completely made up.

Some People Can Buy iPhone Without 2 Year... [via I4U]


But how do you fake bad credit?