If you're rich, you can afford help with all of life's dilemas. If you suck at tennis, a retired pro will coach you. Can't cook? A personal chef will make sure your noms are delectable. Need help fine-tuning your customizable Ultimate Ears buds? Logitech has your back.

Logitech's Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors are some seriously sophisticated buds (well, in-ear monitors, technically) designed for the exacting audiophile with a baller budget. As with other Ultimate Ears products, you can count on the construction of the product to be first class—and boy these look snazzy enough to wear in your limo jacuzzi. But what's really neat about the Personal Reference Monitors is that the buds are configured using a "Personal Reference Tuning Box" that acts like a mixing board for their sound. You've got to go to one of three locations across the country, listen to your favorite jams, and you use the box to tune exactly how you want the buds to sound.


But just as you'd never be expected to tailor your own suit, well, Logitech won't leave you hanging with this personalizing technology you don't understand. As soon as you place an order for the $2000 buds, "a personal service specialist will be assigned to guide you through the process of fitting, designing and tuning the Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitor." So if you're extra rich and lonely, it might be worth the two grand just to make a new friend. [Logitech via Engadget]