3 Football Photos Worthy of a Celebration Dance

It's football season, so we challenged you to photograph some pigskin.

Winner: The Falconer

8th grade football Effort from both sides…Shot low from the end zone - Canon EOS-!D X, 200mm, F2.8, 1/1000" ISO 2000. Image processed in DxO Optics Pro. 80% JPG w/ Prime Noise reduction.


- Tim Storm

Number 4

Picture taken last night 9/26/14 at Hickory Ridge High School's stadium.

Canon 70D, Canon 70-200mm lens, 6400ISO, f/2.8, 1/1000,

- Jared Larson

Do Not Kick This Ball (It'd Hurt)


This is an interesting football sculpture at a local beach. It was captured with an iPhone 5S. I liked the pattern that the shadows made on it. Global adjustments to color, contrast and brightness were made in Paint.net 4.03.

- Jonas Demuro

Thanks to our three photographers this week! Find their full-sized shots on flickr. My apologies that Shooting Challenges have been running a bit sporadically. We'll try to get back to our normal weekly schedule.


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