$3 Million of iPhones Stolen in Belgium Heist

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A company named CEVA Logistics was housing somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 iPhones in a warehouse when intruders climbed up a fire ladder and sliced a hole through the roof.


The hole was conveniently cut directly above the crates of iPhones.

An unknown amount of burglars managed to walk away with roughly 2 million euros worth of iPhones. And while they're almost sure to make a decent buck off the black market sale, carrier Mobsistar has revealed that they have a list of all serial numbers from the caper and will be deactivating the phones accordingly.

In other words, don't buy an iPhone in a back alley of Belgium. [De Standaard via AppleInsider]



is that $3 mil in subsidized or unsubsidized iPhones? Cause you know, it's almost an order of magnitude difference... #iphoneheist