$300 Million, And This Is The New Tron Suit?

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New set pics from Tron 2 have popped up, revealing locations and homemade-looking Tron suits. While I'm enjoying the "Tron bottom," I can't help but question where that alleged huge budget is going.


Slashfilm has a look at the Vancouver set of Tron 2, where one possible extra is resting, before heading off to battle Jeff Bridges' evil beard, or possibly a younger version of Bridges.

Okay, we don't really know if this is an actual suit, for all we know it could be an enthusiastic sound guy, or Tron Guy's son. Click on over to Slashfilm for a better look, along with another set photo of the high tech Encom building where, I'm guessing, the digitizing will take place.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a Tron hater. For one thing, it has gigantic potential to raise the bar on FX. That said, maybe it's time to dial up the notch on the costumes or release some "leaked" concept art - or at least a concept headband idea, please?



Or, more likely, that's the base jumpsuit in a key color that will be overlayed with CGI in post.