$300 RC Critter Is Your Dog's New Best Friend

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How can you expect your dog to show any interest in a boring old tossed stick when you spend your time engrossed with a cutting-edge smartphone? Man's best friend deserves something a little more 21st century, and even we'd be excited to chase around this Go-Go Dog Pal RC toy.

Unlike a stick, which only travels as fast and far as you can throw it, the Go-Go can reach a top speed of almost 22mph. And with a 2.4GHz remote it can be controlled from incredibly far distances, giving your dog a fantastic run. You don't even have to worry about what terrain you use the Go-Go on since it's powered by a couple of high-torque electric motors and has four wheel drive with double suspension. If you're dog can handle it, so can this.

Now, $300 is a lot to spend on a dog toy, particularly given they'll be spending their time chasing it down and doing everything they can to gnaw on it. But its tough outer shell should be able to withstand most attacks, and is easily replaceable ($30-$40) if your pup gets a little too enthusiastic when they catch it. [Go-Go Dog Pal via Engadget]