360° Video of Goose in Love With Car Shows Why All Local News Should Be 360°


Reader, I will admit that I was skeptical when I first started watching this video. I assumed a local news station was just using a gimmicky new technique to jazz up a ho-hum story. I was wrong. I was so wrong.


Boise, Idaho’s KTVB spoke with a local resident who has been plagued by a Canadian goose that for some inexplicable reason is in love with her car.

For the first minute of the clip, I was sure my suspicions had been confirmed. “Why am I spinning a 360° view of a driveway and some cameramen,” I thought. “Oh great, that’s a good angle of the gas tank, glad I’m using this groundbreaking technology,” I smugly said to myself. And then, our beleaguered local resident started to drive and everything became clear.

Lincoln the Goose (named after the car it loves) is truly fixated on this one automobile. It doesn’t want to be apart so it gloriously flies alongside, causing our local resident great concern. If she slows down enough, Lincoln will stop flying and walk in front of the car, forcing her to stop. At one point, Lincoln flies in front of an oncoming truck causing it to put on the brakes. All the while, I’m spinning the camera and getting every view I need of the deranged goose and its unstoppable obsession.

So yes, KTVB knew better than I did. And now, I will accept no local news reports that have a fixed view.

[Reddit, h/t Bennyboy1337]


Geese are ... exciting. I’ve had 4. I’ve outlived three, but the fourth is determined to outlive me. The initial names for the paired males was Beater and Biter. After getting over my apprenticeship as an animal person, it was all good. The last one thinks I’m some sort of super-goose...but I think that’s only because my voice breaks when I call out “Goose-Per’son.” And then it honks and sighs (which is a goose endearment thing - sorta like a hiss but more of a breathy sigh.) However if I sneeze 100 yards away in the house, in the middle of the night, it’ll scream/honk back at me, recognizing a goose-dom connection.