3D Hubs: Like Airbnb For 3D Printers

Illustration for article titled 3D Hubs: Like Airbnb For 3D Printers

No 3D printer? No problem. 3D Hubs is a brand new service that lets you find 3D printers you can use in your area.


Type in your address, and 3D Hubs will show you on a map where there are humans who want to rent out their 3D printers to you. You'll upload your design, the printer owner will complete it, then you'll determine how to actually get the object in your hands, whether that's via mail or in person. There aren't a ton of hubs on the site yet, but it just launched today so give it some time.

You have to pay the printer owner about $6 for each item, and around 70 cents per square centimeter of material. But still, that's much, much cheaper than a $1,500 3D printer of your own. Just remember that the same governing rules of Craigslist apply here—always meet in a public place and let someone know you're meeting a stranger under the auspices of an appreciation for 3D-printed tchotchkes. [3D Hubs via TNW]


isn't 3d printing getting an above average share of the nerd/geek segment, or maybe its just gizmodo thats gizzing all over the idea of 3d printing? yeah i get how its a new technology. its got tremendous appeal for hobbyists as well as professionals. it will make a lot of stuff easier and better to make. sure i get all that.

But its first of all still a niche technology from what I can see. Sure i'll read about it from time to time but its really got no use to me, atleast for the next 10 years until it becomes affordable for me or has applications n a daily basis.

maybe its just not sexy thats why i'm biased against it. but its really just started to feel like i read atleast a few articles on 3d printing daily. maybe it warrants its own gawker blog now.