3Frames Turns Your iPhone Into the Animated Gif Making Machine You Always Wanted It To Be

Animated gifs are the best thing about the internet age, I think we can agree, and it fills me with excitement that we are now able see our mobile internet devices realize their true potential as tools for creating them. 3Frames, a $3 iOS app, makes mobile gif-making a snap: it'll use your iPhone's camera to capture anywhere from 3 to 10 frames in rapid succession, then turning them into an animated gif played back at the speed of your choosing. Very nice! Mine is not representative of how cool they can turn out.


Once your masterpiece is complete, there are options for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr—though curiously I couldn't figure out anyway to just get a link to send it over email?—or you can add the gif to the 3Frames gallery. Gifs! [3Frames]

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