4K Drone Footage Captures Apple's New Spaceship HQ, and It's Massive

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After looking at rendered images for years, seeing real footage of Apple's new spaceship of a headquarters is a little bit surreal. We got a peek at the building's footprint last summer, but a new clip shot with a drone in 4K really shows the building taking shape. Boy, is it huge.

The video comes from a YouTube user flying a Tarot 680Pro Hex with a GoPro Hero 4 Black over Cupertino. You can not only make out the massive donut shape of the building but also see the floors being laid. The scale of the whole project makes the huge, heavy-lifting cranes look like toys. The scale is further illustrated by the teensy-weensy houses surrounding the new Apple campus.

Of course, it'll be a while before we see the finished Norman Foster design in all its green-friendly glory. Progress on the construction of the complex show makes the impossibly futuristic project feel real in the meantime. Real big.

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In the year 4039, excavations continue on ruins recently discovered in an area that used to be known as Cupertino. Also discovered were the remains of what is thought to be an employee holding an ancient device called an iPhone...it's use was wide spread but is still a mystery to scientists today...