Click to viewThe iPhone App Store is now available on both the iPhone 2.0 and iTunes. Watch this space for updates and videos as we walk through it, liveblog style. Updated after the jump with videos detailing all the store sections, downloading and uninstall. Verdict so far: works perfectly.

The App Store works great on the iPhone 2.0. Fast. Beautiful interface. Simple. It's localized, so you will require an account from the iTunes country you are accessing from (my Spanish iTunes account didn't allow me to download things from the App Store in the UK).

I'm installing the AIM client now. Doing video. Keep checking back.


The installation was flawless. The icon appears on your iPhone screen instantly and you can see a progress mini-bar showing how much is left. Over wireless, AIM for iPhone installed in a few seconds. Another video coming up now.



The navigation is very easy. The whole mechanism is more straightforward than You just use the store to buy things and the updates are presented on a dedicated screen. At the beginning I looked for a place to uninstall applications but nothing was there. The answer is simple: just go into the iPhone home screen, hold an icon for a few seconds and the X to delete the application will appear, just like when you add a web page to the homescreen.


Apparently some readers are reporting that some applications are not available in certain countries in the iTunes App store. I've yet to find this problem in the iPhone App Store, though. If you want me to try any apps, let me know.


I'm downloading applications left, right and center, including the new iTunes Remote application.


The search engine does it by keywords, apparently. New video on all the sections coming in a few minutes.



Here's how you uninstall any application on the iPhone. It couldn't be more simple.


Going to buy an app now. Probably Monkey Ball, but ping me with tips in AIM if you think something is better.


Second part of the walkthrough.


I've downloaded Monkey Ball but it's not working on my iPhone classic. Going to back it up to iTunes. Video of this coming up now.

The backup process started automatically as soon as I connected it, but it's taking a long time to complete.


Sorry for the delay, but I've been playing with the iPhone remote control and other apps. This is just too much fun. Feels like Xmas money. The quality of some of these applications is just amazing. A post on the purchasing process, which works exactly as the free stuff, one-click and install, is coming up in few minutes.


Here's a brief clip on the purchase of Monkey Ball. Very simple as I said, one click. It took ages to install because apparently it is really big.

Stay tuned for the Remote hand-on.


The remote hands-on is live here.