What a coincidence: On June 23—exactly when you first reported about the iPhone 4's antenna problem, Apple posts multiple request for antenna engineers for the iPhone. Too late? Too soon? Let the conspiracy theories begin.

Antenna engineers, senior iPhone field validation engineers, iPhone over-the-air wireless system engineers... Maybe they need extra help to fix their design problem. Maybe someone got fired. Maybe all the previous engineers resigned in protest, after losing the design vs engineering war that apparently is getting bad inside Apple's headquarters. Or perhaps is just a really big coincidence, probably not worth reading into.


Personally, I don't believe in coincidences.

Whatever the reason is, I hope these new hires will have a positive effect on the iPhone 5's design. Or maybe they may even have enough time to introduce some changes in the current iPhone 4 production. Changes that could fix the voice degradation, call drops and data transmission problems. Fixes that don't include telling you how to hold it.


In the meantime, you can sign the petition for the free cases that Apple claims will fix the iPhone 4's reception troubles. [Apple—Thanks Mike!]