Cisco's rumored telepresence-at-home system is now official and it's called Umi. The set up comprises a set top box, a remote, and a 1080p camera that sits on top of your TV. It's the new way to visit grandma!

According to Engadget, the Umi will place video calls at 1080p and record them at 720p, and its camera reportedly has autofocus, autoexposure, white balance, optical zoom, and a motor for panning and tilting as needed.

Umi's compatible with Google video chat out of the gate, and Cisco has suggested that it could play nice with other services in the future. But before you get too excited about showing virtual visitors your living room, note the price tag: $600 for the Umi hardware and $25 a month for unlimited calls and recording thereafter. So maybe you'll only be visiting Grandma from your couch if Grandpa was an oil baron. [Cisco]