Idiotic parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are mailing viruses to other idiotic parents so they can time when their kid gets sick with diseases like chicken pox. And they're organizing it all on Facebook.


CBS 5 KPHO in Phoenix reported on the extremely gross, not to mention dangerous, shipping of infected lollipops, Q-tips and rags enclosed in nothing more than a zip lock baggie and an envelope. Which means that these irrational mothers, who despite gobs of research that says vaccines are not associated with Autism (which is often the reason parents give for not vaccinating, though some kids might be allergic), are endangering anyone who might come in contact with the infectious contraband.

So not only are these parents putting in danger their own kids, their kids' classmates and other members of their community by not vaccinating them, but they're spreading the danger all over the country by mail. Great. Thanks idiotic parents! [KPHO; Image: HealthMedicalOnline]