The world thought it had seen it all when physicist David Neevel's Oreo-separating machine was revealed. But, Nabisco's Cookie vs. Creme campaign is inspiring inventors from all over the country to come up with their own machines. Including Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup, a pair of toy scientists from Minnesota who created a convenient auto-feeding Oreo separator that might leave you with second degree burns. Still, totally worth it.


Where as Neevel's machine got rid of the creme altogether, Kudrowitz and Fienup both like different parts of an Oreo, so their contraption splits the cookie into its two components. The top cookie disc is automatically fired into Kudrowitz's mouth, while the exposed creme is then heated and melted so an air cannon can blast it into Fienup's mouth. Most of the creme actually seems to end up all over his face, but it's a small price to pay if it saves you from the agony of having to lick the chocolate cookie clean instead. [YouTube via Geekosystem]