$60 Knockoff Watch Spies in the Dark at 1080p

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The fact that this looks like a Diesel is only a red herring. In truth, it's a submersible, Infrared spy watch from your Ethan Hunt fantasies.

The IR Night Vision Waterproof DVR Spy Watch does just what it says, recording 30FPS, 1080p video with audio to its 4GB internal memory for playback on HD TV's and monitors. 4 IR LED's allow you to surveil in low light conditions and its water-resistant construction captures images in up to 3 meters of water. Unfortunately, video capture is limited to a mere 5 meters, you've got to be within 2 meters to get audio, and tailing people while pointing your watch at them isn't exactly subtle. [via EtronixMart]

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I'm not into watches and I don't own one. My view of watches was recently put into the perfect phrasing when I heard someone remarking about a high end $25,000 watch of some fancy elite brand I don't recall. He said, "It tells the same time as a ten dollar watch." Yes. Yes it does.