7-Inch Tablet Will Launch in Coming Weeks, Says Dell

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That 7-inch tablet Michael Dell confirmed the other week? It's launching in a matter of weeks, and an even larger one similar to the iPad's size will trot out in 6 - 12 months' time.


So says Amit Midha, the President of Dell Greater China, who also spoke intriguingly of 3 and 4-inch tablets. I'm not sure what these two smaller tablets will offer over other smartphones of those sizes, such as their 3.5-inch Aero, but having something to offer in the size brackets between the Dell Streak (pictured) and iPad is certainly logical.

Just like the Streak, the 7-inch tablet will run Android, but as for the rest of them, we might just see Windows make an appearance—presumably Windows 7. [WSJ]



This could be perfect!

I've owned a 4.5" tablet for the last 3 yrs - a Nokia N800. When I travel, I usually don't take a laptop, just the N800. WiFi is almost always available and with a $3/month Skype plan, I have telephone service (except in some middle eastern countries that block Skype).

The N800 isn't perfect. Things I'm looking for:

- 7" screen with very little bezel wasting space around it. I don't want a 10" tablet with a 7" screen. Netbooks are too large too.

- Usable touch type Keyboard built in.

- USB charging (not a proprietary jack)

... uh, that's about it. I'd buy an N800 with a larger screen and touch-type-ready keyboard in a heart beat. I have an iGo BT keyboard, but they removed the number key row to save space - a mistake. I type too quickly for BT to be reliable anyway.

I already like the other things the N800 has:

- Linux-based (Debian APT for pkg management)

- Built-in speakers

- Normal headset/microphone all-in-1 jack; no funny adapters needed

- 800x480 resolution but 1024x768 would be good.

- replaceable batteries

- 2 SDHC memory slots

- WiFi

- Bluetooth

- Apps like Skype, Firefox, Claws

- Maemo-Mapper software (tether to a GPS receiver)

- thousands and thousands of free Linux apps - FLOSS rocks.

- 10 day battery on standby

- 2 day battery with normal use

- Not a cell phone and doesn't need a $30/month "plan"

Tablets without keyboards are toys for reading a book, not replying to emails. Virtual keyboards ... uh ... suck.