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Instant coffee machine manufacturer Keurig is recalling some 7 million crappy coffee makers because they're burning people with scalding water.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the recall affects the Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System. It affects 6.6 million coffee makers sold in the United States and 564,000 sold in Canada.

The danger? Let's use the CPSC's words:

Keurig has received about 200 reports of hot liquid escaping from the brewer, including 90 reports of burn-related injuries.

For those unfamiliar, Keurig coffee makers brew coffee using K-Cups filled with grounds. The machines are very popular, and they allow you to make hot beverages flavored in many different ways easily. According to people who enjoy good coffee, though, they are not very good at making brew.

Are you brewing coffee with K-Cups? Stop! Not just because the coffee is terrible—it is!—but because you are in serious danger of burning yourself. For more information about affected models and how to get a free repair, check in with the CPSC. For more information on brewing a darn good cup of coffee with simple gadgets instead of with a Keurig, please see this post from several years ago. [CPSC via WSJ via The Verge]



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