720P Projector For Under A Grand

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Silly me, thinking that 720p projectors were big, expensive things that only people with a paycheck more frequent than us freelance writers could afford; The Optoma HD70 DLP projector costs under a thousand bucks. Sure, it only does 720p when the really fancy ones do 1080p, but it's cheap, and according to Audioholics, pretty damn good:

There are certainly better projectors out there, but you probably won't find them at this price point - and definitely not with 720p DLP technology. If you're looking to get "into" a front projection system but haven't been able to justify the costs - you no longer have an excuse.


Allright, so 720p ain't exactly 4K, but 720p for under a grand? Nice.

Optoma HD70 DLP Projector Review [Audioholics]

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