8 Years of Great Mac OS X Box Design End In a Stupid Clip Art Cat

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard leaked box is real. And painful to watch. What happened to 8 years of great packaging design? Are ideas running so low in Cupertino that they have grabbed a cat from a clip art package?


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I understand cost-cutting measures. Production-wise, the first Leopard box is probably the most expensive of them all. But after the good design logic that went into every single box before Snow Leopard, I can't understand how they have settled with this bland design. Especially in this release: The new OS is packed with strong features under the hood, but no wowiezowie eye candy or any must-have-or-die new tool... so why don't mark the engine improvements with an awesome box? Or, if not awesome, at least a solid design that tells a good story.


Click to viewBecause right now, the only story I get is "hi, I'm a bloody white cat with spots who has been hunting wabbits on the snow all day. I'm wet." Veehee lame indeed.