Earlier this week, we asked you to help us sort through the (significant) muck for the best iPhone 6 cases you've seen thus far. We've already had a look at the 6 Plus players out there, but this particular bounty was far more plentiful.

By virtue of being made for a smaller phone in general, the iPhone 6 cases are, on the whole, sleeker and far less obtrusive than their Plus counterparts. And though having a case in the first place might be less than ideal, these will at least help keep that bulging camera flush.


Feather Case, Incipio

I love the Incipio Feather cases. I use them on all of my phones. Very thin, add very little bulk. - via gizmoflyer

Bumper Ring, Bear Motion

If you like the iPhone 4-style bumper cases, this is the best imitation I've seen. I'm actually using it now. - via Shep McAllister, Commerce Team


Slim, Elago

I really like the Elago slim cases. I've had one on every iphone i've owned. It's a low profile and simple. It won't handle a terrible drop but can survive dings and daily wear. Highly recommend it. - via crabdip


Aluminum, Spigen

It seems the most appealing to me having a low profile and maintaining the aesthetics of the iPhone, while giving it some decent-looking protection from scratches and falls. - via heffs


Slim-Fit Transparent Hybrid, Poetic

I like this transparent case. I had a case once for my iPhone 4S but somehow lost the case (not the phone) during a night of heavy drinking. - via stubbornidealist


Symmetry, Otter Box

It's actually slim unlike the other Otterbox cases. With the case on, it is about as thick as a naked iPhone 5. There is a textured back which makes the phone easier to grip.

Plus otterbox support has been great; on my iPhone 5, I dropped the phone and the case cracked in a spot and Otterbox replaced it for free. To me that is worth paying a little bit more. - via YankeesRule


Thin Fit, Spigen

I'd prefer it without the window for the Apple logo. Doesn't add much bulk. Definitely will do until the newness wears off. Plus it's cheap. - via shabbadog


Leather, Apple

I went with the Apple black leather case, and other than the bottom face edge being exposed, it's a great case. Sleek, minimal, and a perfectly snug fit. I chose leather over silicone because it was... blacker than the silicone black. It can't get none blacker. - via Stormcooper


PowerArmour, BuQu Tech


And then just because you're probably going to need it, a (relatively) sleek charging case is key for anyone who clocks in even moderate usage throughout the day. BuQu's is about as unassuming and out of the way as it can get.

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