Ahhhhhhhh, now that’s better. (Image: Adam Clark Estes)

Hello summer! Symbolically, at least.

Every Friday around these parts, we celebrate Happy Hour, where we toss tasty booze in a shaker—or fill a glass with a fermented liquid, or pack a pipe with... something—and add a twist of science. You can catch our latest installment of substance abuse for nerds right here, which also includes a live broadcast of making, shaking, and sampling said substances.


Now, as the promise of a long weekend unfolds before you, the need for refreshing beverages is top of mind. Behold, some of our greatest warm weather hits from the Happy Hour catalog.

True michelada innovation.

What’s better than LaCroix? LaCroix with booze.

What’s better than LaCroix with booze? Boozy LaCroix!

Ultra-portable format of these jelly shots makes them perfect for picnics. Or frat parties.

Caramel lemonade! Amazing that they made cocktails during Prohibition just like Brooklyn does today.

Turn your day drinking into a foraging adventure for fresh, for-the-taking ingredients that grow all around you.

It’s like rosé but more edgy. Also don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like pee.

Sour beers are seriously perfect for summer.

Mix up a batch of alcohol-saturated ice cream and you might not need to leave the house at all.

If it’s good enough for Viking warlords, it’s good enough for you.

Not as much a recipe as a way to avoid becoming a recipe for disaster. Have fun out there.