A 130 MPH Leaf Blower Can Blast Yard Debris Into the Next Neighborhood

What Dyson's vacuums are to sucking up dirt in your home, Troy-Bilt's new TB2MB Jet Leaf Blower is to blasting debris—and possibly toddlers—off your driveway. Using a specially-engineered mixed-flow fan, it's able to generate wind speeds up to 130 miles per hour, which will send leaves, dirt, and other crap you don't feel like picking up flying off your property.


But size isn't everything, nor is wind speed when it comes to measuring the performance capabilities of a leaf blower. What counts is the volume of air it can push, and in this case it's 650 cubic feet every minute. For comparison, a heavy-duty leaf blower usually boasts a CFM of around 450 to 500, almost wimpy in comparison to Troy-Bilt's new offering. The $150 Jet blower also directs the exhaust from its gas-powered engine back through the nozzle, saving the user from having to endure a constant blast of hot air, and improving the overall efficiency of this handheld hurricane generator. [Troy-Bilt via Uncrate]

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