A 64:9 Ultra-Wide Camera That Captures an Entire Sporting Event At Once

When the NHK in Japan first developed the spec for what would eventually be officially known as HDTV, they opted for a 16:9 aspect ratio, instead of the more traditional 4:3, which better filled a human's vision. But Panasonic apparently feels that's still not wide enough, at least when it comes to capturing the action on a sports field. So it's developed a multi-camera system that can capture 720P at an astonishing 64:9.

Its 160-degree panoramic view of the action is captured by four 16:9 high-def cameras that all move in unison inside a computer-controlled 88-pound rig. The cameras are all aligned so the edges of what they're shooting meet, with custom software used to seamlessly blend the transition between neighboring shots.


It can't be carried on a videographer's shoulder, but the four cameras can be panned and tilted in unison to focus on a particular event. But with such a wide vista, there shouldn't be anything they miss on field. The system is being demoed at the Integrate 2013 electronics show going on in Sydney, Australia right now, and could be used for future sporting events once we all get four side-by-side HDTVs in our living rooms. [Panasonic via Gizmag]

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