A Battery-Free, Pocket-Sized CPR Coach Ensures You're Really Helping

It might look easy, but properly performing CPR to save someone's life—and not injure them in the process—does require a specific technique. Since not everyone's taken a first-aid course, the Cardio First Angel serves as an impromptu CPR instructor that ensures you're doing it right, no matter how limited your medical know-how might be.

It's not the first CPR assistance device we've come across, but what sets the Cardio First Angel apart from other solutions, even apps, is that it works without batteries or power. The unit is placed on a patient's chest, and then the compressions are administered by pressing the large red button with both hands. When done with enough force, a clicking sound is heard, and when done at the proper pace, two clicks are heard so that you know the life-saving procedure is being done properly.


A layer of foam on the underside of the device helps minimize bruising or injury as it's being pressed. And since there are no batteries to charge, or outlets needed to operate it, the $95 Cardio First Angel can be kept in a first-aid kit indefinitely, without worrying about it not working when an emergency arises. [Cardio First Angel via The Red Ferret Journal]

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