A Brief and Glorious History of Pixel Art

Everything old is new again. And while the graphics of games like Super Mario Bros. and Zelda were blocky by necessity, the pixel has been reborn as an art form unto itself. Meet the Picassos of pixel art.


Pixel, a short documentary by artist Simon Cottee, is an excellent distillation—part nostalgia, part progress—of those creative souls who are indebted to the dot. [YouTube via BoingBoing]



(Note to the reader: This should be read aloud using Grampa Simpson's Voice) I remember back in the day, there was no anti-aliasing. there was just aliasing, and we thought it kicked ass! I remember i had the original fairchild video game which was 4 bit. it was like sophisticated pong, only everything was variations of a paddle. Baseball, you swing a paddle, tank battle, the paddle was the gun, tic tac toe, paddles on a grid....where did I put my teeth?