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A Candle-Powered Speaker Keeps Playing Even When the Power's Out

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Using a scientific phenomenon known as the Peltier-Seebeck or thermoelectric effect, where a voltage is produced via a device with contrasting temperatures, this Bluetooth speaker called the Pelty can run on nothing but burning candles. So the next time you lose power during a brownout, you'll have both light and entertainment to pass the time.

The idea is similar to how the BioLite camp stove cooks your food and charges your gadgets, so the science and technologies behind the Pelty are already in use and proven. That's the good news.


The less good news is that despite it looking so polished and finished, the Pelty isn't available for sale just yet. In fact, the production-ready design hasn't even been finalized, that's why there are very few details on its battery life or audio quality. Its creators are currently raising funds on Indiegogo to help take it from functional prototype to mass-market ready, and are hoping to raise some $100,000 to help the process along.

If you're confident they'll be successful, you can get in on the ground floor and secure yourself a Pelty with a donation of just $199. But if you'd rather hold off until they're well into production, the regular retail pricing will be closer to $300. However, even for an extra $100, streaming music from your smartphone is better than being stuck with FM radio when the power's out. [Indiegogo - Pelty]