A Clever Push Pin Doesn't Make Holes

Push pins and a corkboard are the most basic organisational tool around, but they kinda suck for photos — in order to stick them up, you stab a tiny hole through your grandma's face. This neat alternative tries to solve that.


Pon is a Kickstarter project that basically marries a paperclip to a thumbtack, meaning you can hug photos rather than stabbing them. It's a simple, clever idea — as the founder points out, it also means you can attach stuff other than paper to your corkboard, like CDs (yay?).

It's also cheap: $7 for a pack of 20, which means you can back it without the normal Kickstarter fear that you're flushing money down a bottomless crowdfunded hole. [Kickstarter]

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This must not be a clever pushpin then, because it still makes a hole in the corkboard.