A Closer Look At The Madness That Is The Final Fantasy-Style Batman Toy

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Last year we got our first glimpses at the sheer insanity of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts designer Tetsuya Nomura’s take on Gotham’s Dark Knight for the Play Arts Kai Variant Series. But now Square-Enix have revealed an even better look at the wings, claws, and power armour of this truly bizarre Batman.

Yes, even in the stark light of promotional pictures, Nomura’s take on Batman is still an absurd creature to behold. With cape-wings and claws it’s less Batman and more Bahamut-man, but then... power armor? A gigantic spiked helmet complete with cowl-ears that you could probably gore several people on? Our very own Rob Bricken initially described it as thus:

It’s like Batman Beyond had sex with Deathscythe from Gundam Wing and then the Christian Bale Batman had sex with Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII, and each couple had a kid who were raised and grew up together as best friends and one day as adults suddenly realized they were perfect for each other and had always been in love, and then they got married and consummated their union with champagne on a bed of roses and nine months later had a baby that looked like this.


And honestly, I can’t quite think of anything else to add.


It’s got to be one of the most batshit insane (pun fully intended) interpretations of Batman I’ve ever seen, and considering this is from the same company currently working on a Cowboy Batman toy, that’s probably saying something. And that something is: Play Arts Kai’s craziness is back, and I am very much a fan!


The figure, in scale with Play Arts Kai’s other figures, comes with an appropriately baffling set of accessories of well. First off are extra armour pieces for the thighs to simulate the legs of the power-armour popping open to reveal a veritable buttload of Batarangs being held within. Then there’s extra spiky versions of armour pieces for the elbows, wrists, shins and other areas to swap out so this toy can be somehow even spikier then it already is. Then there’s two alternate sets of hands — one pair of fists for Batman himself, and then a pair of ginormous extended claws that sit as part of Batman’s cape/wing monstrosity on his back.



Testuya Nomura’s Variant Batman figure will release in Japan this July, with a higher-than-usual price tag — you know, Nomura Tax, Batman Tax, Oh God Look At All The Claws Tax, to be expected really — of 21,000 yen, or around $175.

[via Toyark]

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