A Comfy Foam Bench That Turns Your Living Room Into a Park

You might not have the sun beating down on you, the smell of fresh grass, or the sounds of kids having fun, but Valerio Berruti's Summertime couch is not only comfier than a real park bench since it's made out of foam—you also never have to worry about it being bombed by pigeons.


This is of course assuming your local bird population isn't running amok in your living room, but for most of us that's not a problem. However, the Summertime sofa can actually be used indoors or out, if you think it would make a better addition to your backyard deck. And because it's made from foam, it's a lot easier to move than your standard sofa—that alone could make it a worthy replacement to your current living room set. [Gufram via Freshome]

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