A Devoted Fan Created an Amazingly Detailed Copy of Disneyland's Fantasyland in His Basement

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To make a Disneyland trip as enjoyable as possible, you’ll want to plan your visit for a time when the park isn’t crammed wall to wall with tourists. Or, you can do what this devoted fan did: recreate parts of Disneyland’s iconic Fantasyland in your basement, ensuring your family are the only people who can visit!

There’s not a lot of details on who YouTube’s Larzland is, or if his private version of the happiest place on earth is anywhere near the real one in California. But as he narrates this tour of his theme park, he reveals that it features meticulous recreations of the facades of famous Disneyland rides including Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Peter Pan’s Flight, Geppetto’s Workshop, and even Fantasyland’s Village Haus restaurant.

There are no actual rides hidden behind the doors and windows, just non-themed living spaces like laundry rooms and storage. But for added authenticity, the basement’s lighting can be switched between daytime and nighttime moods—and speakers fill the space with the sounds of bustling tourists, as well as the actual music you’d hear when lining up for these rides. He just never has to deal with any actual crowds or queues.


[h/t Geekologie]