A dilapidated recreation of China, right outside of Disney World

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We recently posted about the ruins of the Black Sea resort town Gagra. io9 tipster theotherwhitegirl clued us in to another phantom vacation spot: Florida Splendid China Park, a teacup version of The People's Republic that was open from 1993-2003.

During its decade of existence, Splendid China Park — which was built on 75 acres outside of Orlando — attracted its share of controversy. The park was a facsimile of the original Splendid China Park in Shenzen, China. When Splendid China came stateside to educate Americans of China's wonders (at 1/10th the scale!), the park was criticized for its ties to the People's Republic and its happy-go-lucky portrayal of Tibet. Splendid China eventually closed due to flagging tourist interest, but the park still remains popular with urban explorers, skateboarders, and your run-of-the-mill trespasser.


[via Standing But Not Operating]