A Fancy Lockpick Set for All Your Totally-Not-Illegal, No-This-Isn't-My-Ex-Girlfriend's-House Unlocking Needs

Lockpicks aren't just for hooligans and delinquents; there are just as many perfectly understandable, respectable, and not-at-all-delusional cases in which you'd need to break into your ex-girlfriend's house in the middle of the night while she's out of town. And Tinker Woodworks has just the tool for the job.

Made from old bandsaws, no two-handcrafted picks are quite the same, and the accompanying leather traveling case even has an option for custom stitching. So rest assured that the set you receive will, in fact, be one of a kind. The set comes with three picks as well as two different sizes of tension wrenches, meaning that you'll have virtually any lock at your mercy for a mere $62. Assuming you have any clue how to use them, that is. [Etsy via Cool Material]


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