A First Look at the MSI 'Wind 2' U120

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MSI hasn't been shy about their Wind U120, a 10" netbook that should pack a 120GB hard drive, SSD options, 802.11n Wi-Fi and 3G (HSDPA) fun. But from these first official shots of the unofficial sequel to the praised MSI Wind, we see that not much has changed about the exterior beyond adding a new two-tone style with a black border around the screen (probably to help colors pop). Then again, popping in a SIM card to surf the web from anywhere is a pretty solid update in itself. Look for the Wind U120 priced under $600 this December. [Fudzilla]

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any other improvements?

wouldn't people attracted to netbooks have already purchased one already?

is there anything here that attracts people, thus far, nonplussed with netbooks or for those who already have one (i have a msi wind)? *asides from the paint job*