A First Person View Into the Future

This? It's not just a tiny screen running Windows. It's a tiny screen running Windows that fits over your eye.

Technically, that video display is one monitor from a pair of Myvu Crystal glasses, but one MicroPCTalk forum member connected the device to a completely portable computing rig, powered by a Sony UX380N UMPC and accessing online content (at half the speed of dial up) via a Motorola iDEN i425 cellphone.


Bluetooth fills in the gaps for various input (mouse, FrogPad keyboard and mic) and output (stereo audio), but the system is far from wireless, with most components wired directly into the UX380N.

We wouldn't call this DIY system our ideal interface for eyeglass computing and augmented reality applications, but for one dude working in the comfort of his own home, not bad! [UMPC Portal via SlashGear]


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