Ladies! A Chinese mall has deduced that the one thing you love more than shopping is beating the living mercy out of inanimate objects to vent your rage. They've created a whole separate room for just that, no boys allowed.

The new store at the Shenyang mall is divided into separate zones—living room, bedroom, etc.—and populated with second-hand phones, TVs, plates, and bean bag chairs ripe for smashing. Motorcycle helmets, gloves, and what looks like a big ol' baseball bat are provided, and any customer who's spent 38 yuan or more at the mall's indoor park already can vent free of charge.


Sadly, the women are limited to one minute of venting at a time, as the store fears "passive impact" to customers resulting from prolonged destruction sessions. But something tells me that if you're armed and armored in the middle of a rage fest, they won't try too hard to stop you. [People's Daily Online via BoingBoing]

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