A Fully Customizable Driver for the Pickiest Duffers

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You can personalize a wide range of products online. Nike and Vans, for example, let you create your own kicks, down to details like lace color. Now Callaway is offering a customized golf club through its new udesign site.


If you don't want to hit the green with your own unique club, well, Callaway's RAZR Fit driver, a piece of equipment used by the likes of Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els, can be specialized to your every specification. And if you don't like the sound of that, well, obviously you're not a golfer.

While you might not be a green jacket toting player, the online designer is cool because it lets you completely trick out a quality club. You can choose the head, picking details like mens' or ladies,' right- or left-handed, and the color, for which there are eight choices. Other parts are completely up to you as well: the shaft, grip, length, and wrap.

A super-sweet RAZR Fit will cost you, though. Standard, it's already $399, but customization tacks at least $50 onto that. A premium shaft, in particular, will drive up the price to as much as $674, though the driver I designed was $524.

Still, it's worth taking a whack at udesign if you want to impress your country club cronies. Callaway says delivery takes 1-2 weeks, and orders will ship starting next month. [Time]



No offense to Callaway, but just about the only part of this that's new is the paint color option. The rest is just what you'd get off the rack or on a normal custom order.

Check out Vokey WedgeWorks at [Vokey.com] (shameless plug for my work, sorry). Custom engraved logos, hand stamping, laser etching, ferrules, shaftbands, etc... Most companies offer some sort of customization now- Vokey and Scotty Cameron are at the forefront of the OEM's, and aftermarket companies like HotStix in arizona are even crazier.

The callaway site is pretty tame by comparison.