A Game Controller Coffee Mug Provides Unlimited Caffeine Power-Ups

Video game worlds are littered with health packs, energy potions, even random piles of food that your character can take advantage of for a quick energy boost. At most offices, though, the only power-up you're going to find is a pot of coffee—and even when it's stale and awful that shot of caffeine can revive you better than even a giant red mushroom.

So what better way to sip that brown sludge than with this Playstation-inspired controller mug? It's actually got a pair of handles to make it easier to get the coffee into your mouth on Monday mornings, and there's a 'Game Over' message that's only revealed when the mug is empty, so it's imperative to always keep topping it off for unlimited continues. [Craziest Gadgets Shop]


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