A Giant Water Slide Would Make an Hour Commute Awesome

You know a marketing exec with a fiercely long commute at UK-based credit card provider Barclaycard must have been daydreaming one day about being whisked back home by a water slide. If I didn't sit at home working in my underwear this would be my dream too. [Barclaycard via The Raw Feed]


LindsayJoy's MBP is into S+M

Great commercial.

If this were real I can't help think of the upsides and downsides.


1. If I worked in the office I would get to see the guys strip down to their bathing suits.

2. An awesome commute

3. An easy way to return a wet library book

4. Yet another way to shop that is awesome


1. Wedgies from hell

2. Feeling like you got a communal douche with all female coworkers

3. Being jelous of the guys that could just go naked and avoid wedgies and not have to worry about the douche part

4. Worries about an obese cowoker bitching that they can't fit and the lawsuits following

5. Getting stalled at the library spot like in the commercial and having a coworkers pile up and ram into you.

Needless to say I still want this!

Now, here is this slightly NSFW commercial for Scruffs, a UK clothing retailer for construction workers. You *wont* be disappointed!

Its real and awesome!