A Girly Laptop For Dumb Girls

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Hey lay-deez! Don't you just hate having a big ol' ugly computer that doesn't go with your clothes? No, because you aren't stereotypical and shallow? Well, don't tell the makers of the Tulip Ego that! It looks like a mix between an old iBook and a purse, but it's really a Windows laptop. You can change the covers to suit your mood, from frivolous to easy and everything in between! Sure, it doesn't have diamonds like it's $350,000 big sister, but you already have enough diamonds.

Or you could get a regular, gender-neutral computer that probably costs less and performs better, but hey, I'm a dude, what do I know? I mean, it's only sold at Barneys, so it's gotta be a sensible purchase.


Product Page [via Red Ferret]

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