Now that a gold iPhone has actually manifested itself and made (a select few people's) dreams come true, it's time to move on to the next logical question—what would goldpagne look like on an iPad Mini?

Our good friend Martin Hajek had that very same question, and he's provided the world with these lovely renders of what gilded iPad might look like come next month.

Given that iPads lack the dual-tone panel of the iPhone 5 and 5S, it actually seems like a goldpagne iPad would be more aesthetically appealing. The white stripes have been a turnoff to some, and a device covered in pure, champagne-soaked gold could be awfully pretty. Not to mention a iPad in solid space grey looks sleek as hell.


Hajek also gives us a look at how an iPad with iTouch might look, and the gold ring around the goldpagne Mini is a beautifully thoughtful touch. So if Apple ever did give us an iPad made for Midas, we'd hope it would look something like this. [Thanks Martin!]