Is there anything worse than leaving the house only to realize your iPhone is way low on juice and might crap out before you have a chance to charge? Yes! Of course, there are a million worse things, don’t be ridiculous. But we’re nothing if not dependent on our handheld devices. Mighty Purse is a clever clutch that will ensure you’ll never again be without texting, mapping, or Candy Crushing capabilities again.

The little leather bag hides a high-capacity battery, which will fill your phone up twice on a single charge—just don’t forget to plug it into your computer for a pick-me-up when you get home. Seems like a tougher sell for guys, but maybe there’s a trouser version in the works out there somewhere? A little of the ol', "Is that a lightning cable in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Buy your own Mighty Purse for $135.49 here. [Firebox]