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A Holiday GPS Navigator Gadget Round Up for the Ages

Illustration for article titled A Holiday GPS Navigator Gadget Round Up for the Ages

After lighting up the Today Show last week, today Wilson's burning up the pages of the Grey Lady with a rundown of hot holiday gifts loaded up with GPS. There's navigation gear for hikers like Bushnell's waterproof ONIX 400 (complete with XM radio), Garmin's Forerunner 305 for power-joggers, the usual car-mounted suspects like Garmin's Nuvi line and the hotly anticipated Dash GPS w/ a built-in cellular modem. The point is, no matter where you going or what you're doing, there's a navigator with GPS for it. Check out Wilson's piece to see just which gadget goes where and for how much in a single convenient article, no GPS necessary. [NYT]


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WTF was that? Besides the absolute worst article on GPS I have ever read. Where was the list of all manufacturers and model/price/features comparison? I though the NYT would be on point. And why is it that all I do is bitch on my posts here?