A Little Dom Perignon, Some Diamonds, and a Sidekick 3

Well, it had to happen. The eBay run-up on the Sidekick 3 is now reaching ridonkulous proportions, with some folks paying $4,050 for a hunk of electronics. Heck, I'll bet Sharp, the SK3's manufacturer, paid that much for their R&D—"What should we do?" "Well, let's stick a trackball on there! And make it smaller!" "Score!"


However, with the glitteratti slopping themselves at the troughs of semiconductor bliss so publicly, everyone and their dog needs to have one of these things. I think I still have the sticker that goes on the front of the SK3—I sent the unit back—anyone want to pay me $500 for it?

Auction [eBay via Smartfone]

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