A Long Simmering Conflict Takes Center Stage in the Supergirl Season 5 Trailer

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The larger Arrowverse is changing, and Kara Danvers along with it. In the first trailer for Supergirl’s upcoming fifth season that just dropped at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the Girl of Steel is back and facing off against technology, a secret organization, and her own best friend.


Last season Kara Danver’s best friend, Lena Luthor, learned she was Supergirl and that Kara and everyone else they know had hidden it from Lena. Naturally, the woman is mad, and when you’re a genius billionaire with all of the most incredible advances in science and technology at your disposal you’re going to perhaps express that anger a little differently than the rest of us.

While the two women’s conflict takes center stage, and teases Lena’s possible descent into villainy, the trailer also takes pains to show just why Lena is upset and how desperately she doesn’t want to be a villain. Which is okay, because Leviathan, the shadowy organization introduced in the season four finale, is waiting in the wings, eager to destroy...something.

But don’t worry, Supergirl still has some friends, and she also has a snazzy new suit complete with PANTS.

Supergirl’s fifth season premieres on the CW on October 6.

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