A Meltdown May Be Under Way at Japan Nuclear Power Plant

An official with Japan's nuclear and industrial safety agency told CNN that "a meltdown may be under way at one of Fukushima Daiichi's nuclear power reactors" (the plant that exploded). Earlier, it looked like things would be under control but the company began to experience difficulty cooling the reactor, even attempting to solve the issue by dumping seawater. [CNN]


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Nothing to See Here!

"even attempting to solve the issue by dumping seawater"

I didn't think I'd complain about such a short post, but if you really can't say "by dumping seawater onto the reactor" then it must be a problem.

Unless you mean they're removing seawater from it and dumping it elsewhere. Not sure how that would help. It seems more like they're dumping the seawater onto the reactors.

This is the first and hopefully last time that I'll complain about how short some of these posts actually are. I didn't really care how short they are, but this comment...this comment is longer than the post.

Explain what you mean by "dumping seawater" please.