A Minute's Charge Keeps Logitech's Ultrathin Mouse Running For an Hour

Laptop trackpads have gotten considerably more capable over the years, but sometimes a mouse in hand is still the better way to go. And if you're used to carrying a svelte laptop, Logitech's betting you'll want a mouse to match with its new Ultrathin T630/631 Touch Mouse that can keep you working for hours, even if you only have minutes to spare for charging.

Its most obvious claim to fame is a clean, low-profile design with a brushed metallic body, but few other distinguishing features save for that hard edge on the front that doesn't look particularly comfortable. Available in black or white to appease both Windows and Mac fans, the mouse supports the various finger gestures that make the latest versions of either OS easier to use.


But the best feature has to be the T630/631's ability to suck enough juice from a USB port in just a minute's time to keep it running for an additional hour. If you're racing an important deadline and suddenly find yourself without your trusty mouse working, that feature alone could be worth its $70 price tag. [Logitech via SlashGear]

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