A New Board Game Lets You Play as Disney Villains and Finally Put That Peter Pan Punk in His Place

Villains galore.
Villains galore.
Image: Wonder Forge

Do you watch Disney’s classic animated films and secretly root for the villains? Do you think Captain Hook was actually a tragic figure, a victim of a flying boy with no sense of responsibility? With Villainous, a new board game by Wonder Forge, you finally get to spend game night playing the baddie, and you’ll actually be rewarded for successfully pulling off your evil scheme.

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In the game you can play as one of six infamous Disney villains: Captain Hook, Ursula, Maleficent, Jafar, Prince John, or the Queen of Hearts. The actual gameplay and goals mirror the events each character experienced in their corresponding movies: Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Robin Hood, and Alice in Wonderland.

There aren’t any interactions between the various villains; each player remains on their own “realm” gameboard so it’s not like Captain Hook and Maleficent could team up to vanquish Robin Hood. (Free movie idea there, Disney.) But board games are really only fun when you can frustrate your fellow players, so Villainous includes hero cards featuring the protagonists that, at least in the original movies, foiled these villains’ plans. The hero cards allow other players to make it more difficult for your villain’s scheme to come to fruition, ensuring that Villainous is yet another in a long line of friendship-destroying board games.

Villainous will officially be available starting on August 1 for $35 at all the stores where you traditionally get your board game fix. (R.I.P. Toys ‘R Us.)

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I can’t get over how great the design of those gamepieces is. I have no idea if the game is solid or if I’d enjoy it (or if it’s geared more toward kids; that’s valid) but I love the design of it and I could see myself buying it for only that reason.